Charging stations for your housing association

Are you considering getting charging stations for your housing association? Read more about about a solution that is free of charge, and accomodates everyone.
ECdrive installs charging stations for all types of housing associations.

ECdrive will take care of it all

“We do not have an electric vehicle, so why do we have to pay as well?” Does that sound familiar?
At ECdrive it is common for us to hear that housing associations have a hard time of agreeing with all residents, that investing in charging stations is neccessary.

Because of this, we have created a concept where housing associations and the like, can have chargers installed, available for both residents and guests – for free.

It is very simple; ECdrive takes care of the charge of installment and operation. When residents or guests make use of the charging stations, ECdrive will recieve a small sum, which will be used to cover the installment and operation of the charging stations.

We tailor a safe and future-proof solution for each housing association, in order to find a perfect solution just for you.

A charging station helps making your housing association more attractive, but newly planted trees, freshly painted hallways and new windows also provide a lot of joy – even for those without a car. With a solution from Ecdrive, you do not have to compromise on increased rent, because you wont have to pay or waste ressources on administration.

If you choose ECdrive, the only thing you have to do is tell us where you want the charging stations located. After that is done, we will establsih a new connection to the electricity network for the charging stations. Because of this, you do not have to worry about having enough electricity, or if your housing association has to pay for it – as we promised, the installation will be free of charge and will not be a hassle for your housing association.

Do you have any questions for us?

How can you install chargers for free? How much is does it cost to charge? These are just some of the questions, that you can find the answers to on our FAQ-page.

What is the cost?

To begin with, it is free to have an ECdrive charging stations installed on your parking lots When the charging stations are fully installed, the residents of the housing association can use and pay for the chargers via our app or directly via the chargers.
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